Magnum Deputy Inspections, Inc.
is the most technologically advanced Special Inspection firm in California. Our team of qualified, dedicated Special Inspectors (also known as Deputy Inspectors) is available at anytime to meet your special inspection needs. If you are looking for high quality, dependable service, using the latest in technology, look no further. All of our inspectors are licensed by the appropriate agencies (ICC, ACI and AWS), including each of the local cities and jurisdictions.
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What sets us apart
Magnum Deputy Inspections, Inc.
Structural Steel
This includes welding and high strength bolting.
Magnum Deputy Inspections, Inc.
This includes post tension concrete, reinforced concrete and epoxy/anchor doweling.
Magnum Deputy Inspections, Inc.
This includes mortar and grout test along with placement of reinforcement. by IBEX Multimedia